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Querbeet Forum is back up

Hello (^_^)/

As you probably have noticed, Querbeet Forum has been down for about a month now due to server issues, mainly the server space that our host had bought went bankrupt and closed up shop without giving any warning whatsoever. But, after much waiting and back and forth support ticketing with our host, we are now back online!

This issue has affected the forum in that we have lost some data in the database, with the last backup dating back to the 30th of May. Though, that is partially our fault for forgetting to back up more regularly... Our apologies to anyone who has lost posts and/or registration status.

If you, or anyone you know, signed up post-30th May, please come back and re-register, and tell your friends to do so, too.

The forum is now accessible at the same web address as before: http://querbeet.narese.com/

There are still a few kinks left to sort out after the server move; namely, the time on the forum is wrong, resulting in all posts having the wrong timestamp.
Also, the e-mail isn't working properly; it's sending out the e-mails, but servers such as Gmail & Hotmail are bouncing them back.
Both these issues are under investigation, and we hope to have them sorted ASAP.

We thank you for your patience and hope to see you back at forums again ^_^

A huge thank you to seri-chan for taking care of bringing the forum back to life ♥
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