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Querbeet and Nagareboshi update

Hello (^_^)/

Sorry for our apparent MIA status, but I assure you we have been working behind the scenes (^_^;)

Querbeet forums:
As you have noticed, the forum has been down for quite a while now. We unfortunately cannot do anything about it but wait till our hosts solve their server problems. We have not been given an ETA on that, so we're just keeping our fingers crossed for a fast recovery.

Nagareboshi status:
We deeply apologize for the delay of our releases. Our main QCer, thanks to whom Querbeet has its high-quality reputation, is extremely busy with university life. She feels really bad for delaying the releases, but is slowly working on it. Then our translators got busy between university exams and business trips, but they're slowly picking up the pace now that they seem to have been done with that. Other team members are always on standby to finish their tasks as soon as they can.
You've been really wonderful waiting this long. Thank you for your patience. We hope to have a release soon.
For subbing status, please check our wiki page.

That said, please be informed that Querbeet does NOT plan on releasing softsubs at the present time. This might change in the future though.

That's all for now. Hope to post some good news soon (^_^)
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