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heads up: Koizora hardsubs complete!

After an almost 2-year-hiatus on Koizora (the drama, not the movie), we've managed to release all the remaining hardsubs for this drama. Hope you still enjoy it though it's mighty late :x - But it's our 19th completed project, after all :)

ep 3 on torrent
ep 4 on torrent
ep 5 on torrent
ep 6 finale on torrent

Koizora (old releases)
ep 1 on torrent
ep 2 on torrent


As you see we're working on getting all the on-hold projects to "in progress" again. We are still in need of Japanese translators who are willing to help out with the rest of Karei naru Spy! Or, if you are a Chinese translator who can translate KNS off the Chinese subbed version, please, please, please contact us as well~! Arigatou!

Hope you all have an amazing week!
Tags: !recruiting, !release, jdrama:koizora, subs:hard

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