November 16th, 2015

querbeet hanadan


Welcome to Querbeet subs livejournal community. We're glad you took the time to visit us here (^_^)

You need to be a member to access most posts in this community. Membership is moderated. Posting is restricted to Querbeet staff.


EDIT 17 Jan 2009: There was a restriction on the journal's settings that denied users the ability to comment. That has been fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience.

EDIT 26 Feb 2009: You will not have to have an active journal anymore to be a member of our community.

EDIT 23 May 2009: We will reject everyone who is not submitting his/her request according to the rules post. This also includes missing points. Whoever hits the button without sending the reply within the next hour will be denied as well.


To become a member, please do the following:

1) Send a join request by clicking the "join this community" link.

2) Please reply to this entry. Put "membership request" as title of your comment. Tell us your age, where you're from, and your favorite drama/actor/actress. All comments will be screened for your privacy. Make sure you enable private messaging.

Please also write explicitly that you agree to Querbeet's and this LJ's requests and code of conduct, that you will behave maturely with the other members and Querbeet staff, and that you will never take anything that's posted under lock outside of this community - be it links, or re-uploads.
Please DO NOT share anything you find here anywhere or with anyone. If you wish, you can point people to this community.

3) If you want to join our community, it is necessary to answer #2 of the rules post convincingly.
If you do not have an active Live Journal, please provide us with your d-addicts/soompi/asianfanatics username, and optionally a link to your blog.

4) Did you do #1?

Please keep in mind that we do this for fun in our spare time. We do not get paid to do this. So please refrain from selling/buying or in any other way gaining profit from our work.

Please refrain from claiming our work as yours. If you want to use any part of our projects, e.g. re-translate into another language, please ask for permission first.

Copyrights to shows are exclusively of the releasing TV networks. We only own the subs attached.

Do NOT post any of our work onto any streaming sites!
Keep fansubbing alive by not supporting streaming sites. Get your dramas at!

Failing to follow any of the above will result in you being banned, or your request being declined. We reserve the right to deny or ban any user who is not meeting the requirements.

That said, we hope you enjoy your stay (^_^)

-- Querbeeters

PS. No nagging about approval process. We are not online 24/7. Getting you approved will take some time.